From the time I was old enough to know what a job was, I wanted a exciting one, so I planned to be a photographer (which I did). Later in life, I always liked to travel so I became a dive travel specialist, until 9/11 when travel was put on a back burner for most people. Because of my passion for diving I managed to snag a gig as a treasure diver looking for Spanish treasure off of the Florida. Still do that from time to time.

But It wasn’t until I went to Peru for a medical treatment did I begin to write, and see a possibility. At first, while I was still in Lima, I just wrote to my family and treasure hunting friends as to my status, what I had seen and done, who I had met and when I was going to get to come home.

Then I started writing privately, for my eyes only. Then as I wished to take off on another one of my “off the grid” trips it came to me. I needed to learn the ropes of freelance writing. What could be better? No overhead if I wrote from home. Travel expenses deductible.

And that’s what I did. I read everything I could find on the Internet on blogging, writing manuscripts, article submissions and a long list of other “must know” info on writing. And even the sites giving advise as to how to get to that six figure income in six months. But here I am and here I go…hope you can keep up!


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