An Uphill Journey to Earth Lodge

Earth Lodge is a wonderful change from the fast pace of Antigua. An avocado farm located 6000 feet into the mountains above Antigua. Views of the volcanoes and the city below is nothing less than breathtaking.
Hammocks and picnic tables surround the reception area where visitors for the day, night or week come for some peace and quiet.
Hiking trails surround the lodge, cabins and dorms that lead into the forest up or down the mountain. Smoke from the distant Volcano Fuego is a normal sight.
Home cooked meals are served 3 times a day with avocados a major part of every meal, even the cake frosting.
This natural retreat is popular with backpackers as well as visiting families who are ready for relaxing between tours and the next destination on their itinerary.




Hostal Holistico, a must if your visiting Antigua

Hostal Holistico is a wonderful place, not only to lay your head, but to meet and enjoy new friends and trade travel stories. The accommodations are clean and well taken care by the hard working, respectful employees. A wide variety of breakfast options are is served daily in just a matter of minutes and the relaxing atmosphere is a welcoming change to the fast pace of Antigua. Come and enjoy, the fun never stops nor does the party! Sergio Martinez, Owner, is the host with the most! Make early plans to stay additional nights because Hostal Holistico has a large following with many who return time and time again. Unfortunately I didn’t book early enough and will have to say Chao tomorrow.