So it’s Valentines Day….Bah


Ok, it’s Valentines Day. Yesterday I traveled from Livingston, Guatemala to La Ceiba, Honduras. This was a prearranged reservation with a hotel which was supposed to set up my 8 hours of transportation. That did not happen. Here is what did.
6am- sat at dock for boat which did not show up.
7:30- Took a launch, kinda like a chicken bus, to Puerto Barrios.
8:15- Taxi to Marcardo to catch van
8:30- Van to border crossing
9:30- Walked across border
10:15- Chicken Bus to Puerto Cortez
1:30- Bus to San Pedro Sula (the most dangerous city in the world)
3:00- Last bus to La Ceiba and to my hotel for the next 3 days
7:30- Finally in La Ceiba

This morning, water not working, room ok but bed almost left me paralyzed.
After breakfast I came back to my room to find the neighbors laundry hanging over MY hammock. NOT! I looked at it for several hours, tried to ignore it and even thought I would give them until tomorrow to move them but decided it was time to send the undies back! Not that I had a great view but just could not make myself relax under men’s briefs.

Valentines Day? Yea, right.